The Lodge

Boomkolbeh  is privileged to operate model ecolodges and camps in twenty locations by Golestan National Park in western Asia , east of Alburz mountain in Northern khorasan steppes with exclusive access to more then 100000 hectares of protected land with reach ancients Hyrcania mixed forests and steppes  and Savannah in best wildlife areas. Our areas cover many habitats, encompassing parts of western Asia four of eleven biomes, thus allowing for incredibly diverse and all-round experiences, whether in the forest, the steppes or the Savannah 

"Our camps are full service luxury well managed ecotourism operation and are designed to have the lightest possible impact on the environment "
"Our safaris and explore change the lives of not only our guests, but also our staff, neighbouring communities and the very region that we operate in.”

Our main objectives are: 
Promote social responsible tourism
Promote the protection of Golestan National Park and its ecosystems
Provide a base which people from Iran and other countries could explore and enjoy the rich and diverse landscapes, fauna and flora of Golestan National Park through a range of low-impact activities
Encourage the maintenance and rejuvenation of traditional Local culture and skills and Provide a venue for these to be discovered and appreciated by others
Provide sustainable employment for the local communities in the neighborhood of the national park
Promote the protection of Golestan National Park and its ecosystem

It helps train and employ for many members of the local community
Employs, or has access to, interpretive nature guides who are either trained in biology or have significant local indigenous knowledge
Provides books, posters, maps, photographs, orientation talks or other ways to inform guests and visitors about the biology of the area
Helps inform guests, staff and visitors on the importance and value of a healthy ecosystem and describes how to best enjoy the area without impacting it
Today we are proud to be able to say that  Boomkolbeh has become the principal way in which visitors can access the many attractions of Golestan National Park, is a valued showcase of traditional native cuisine, arts and crafts, and provides employment for many  members of the local community
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