Culture & History

Rural Life
This program will be all season,2 nights and 2 days,accommodation Turkmen Ecolodge
1. Assembling old Yurt, Take part in an authentic Turkmen art & cultural workshop. Choose from Half or Full Day to learn how Turkmen tribe used to assemble their house and see about the life style.(Ask for detail)
2. Textile-weaving, like carpet-making, has been a women's craft from old times. Fabric was produced on wooden hand-looms called Tara. The loom was made in a very small & narrow size and could be move with nomads. It’s part of our cultural program.
3. Felt-making, is another women’s art in Turkmen Sahara. You can try making the pattern and join to the group to make a paternal felt.
4. Turkmen cuisine, the tradition has been strictly maintained through generations that of the family’s recipes and good food with the choice of local fresh ingredients matched knowledgeably to taste, representing a delight to the plate but also a time of warm conviviality.
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